Posted by: Jessica Stewart | November 19, 2012

Your New Journey Awaits

Yoga, Zen, Meditation

Do you remember your first yoga class? 

The first introduction I had to yoga was in a high school classroom. It must have been a History or Spanish class and I assume we were a rowdy bunch that day because the teacher had us all stand up and do tree pose. I don’t think any of us were very good at it. Not long after, I remember buying my first yoga DVD (Rodney Yee) from Target. Again, not very good at it. However, my love for it from the beginning propelled me on this journey.  This week, I had a new student. And when I say new – I’m talking new to yoga completely. This person had never done yoga, but was willing to walk in and give it a try. After class, I heard comments like, “That was harder than I thought” and “I really liked it”.

I enjoy new students. I enjoy instilling in them the same love I have for it. Hopefully, they’ll be back. Hopefully, this was an introduction into a new journey for them.   

If you’re apprehensive about trying yoga or even different forms of yoga, what’s holding you back? I implore you to let go of whatever it is. You don’t know the journey you are missing!



  1. I wish I knew about this amazing art back in grade school, but better late than never at all 🙂 Awesome to see it’s an integral part of your life as well 🙂

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