Posted by: Jessica Stewart | September 19, 2012

What’s Your Pose?

As National Yoga Month nears an end, did you practice?

Did you try something new?  A pose? A place?

What is your practice preference – at home, in a crowded studio, on the beach, in a heated room?

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  1. I’ve finally got my feet to stay on the ground, while doing downward dog:)

    • There is beauty in the art of “perfecting” the pose. That’s part of the fun challenge isn’t it?! Hope it’s becoming natural to you.

  2. this month I only began to reconnect with my yoga practice. I had been recovering from an injury and was timid about getting started again. But I self coached myself (I’m a life coach) and I’m back on the horse 🙂

    • Marie – I’ve been where you are! I wrote a post here (
      about my wrist injuries (broke the right one and then the left one less than a year later). Not exactly the ideal location for a break when you are a yoga instructor! Once I had healed, it was so hard to lose that timid feeling of not wanting to hurt it or go too far with it. But I really do feel yoga was essential to my rehab. Glad you are back at it and feeling well!

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