Posted by: Jessica Stewart | July 19, 2012

5 Seconds to Adventure

We’ve all had those moments in life that frighten

…that incapacitate you to where you can’t put one foot in front of the other.

…those moments where you say no to something because it’s out of your comfort zone.

Whether it’s a physical or mental fear, we’ve all experienced it at one time or another. What if, before saying no, we let the fear overtake for 5 seconds and then we decide to overcome? We make a decision after 5 seconds…1…2…3…4…5…to rise above and conquer the fear. I think we’ll find ourselves stronger for it and maybe even find ourselves in new adventures. I think it’s healthy to experience fear. It’s an emotion, a physical and mental response that is part of our human framework. What I don’t consider healthy, though, is allowing yourself to reside in that fear…to let it prevent you from an experience that could open your heart to so much more.

One word to let you know where I borrowed this little 5 second rule: LOST


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