Posted by: Jessica Stewart | June 28, 2012

Born to Run


It’s been awhile since I’ve run. After accomplishing the feat of the Dallas Rock n Roll Half Marathon, it’s been one thing after another – time – no race date set – expense – nursing injuries (not from running). Even though I’ve done other forms of exercise to stay in shape, there’s just nothing like passing a runner – smiling and giving a wave, completing a journey you set out on for the day. What journey are you on today? I hope it’s filled with a passerby that smiles and waves.

For anyone looking to run a long distance race, the Rock n Roll Half Marathons are the way to go! They have it down to a science. It was so well-organized. Bands along the route, so many sweet supporters cheering us on and so much food at the end that I practically needed a bag to hold it all. They happen at cities all over the U.S. You are sure to find one close to you, but I’m partial to Dallas – the finish line was complete with Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders!

Happy Running!



  1. Marathons are the only thing that keep me running. Training for them and then the excitment and joy when you cross that line to know that you have completed it.

    • I so agree TJ! I was actually getting over the flu the week before my half, but I had trained for about 11 weeks for it and wasn’t going to miss that finish line! I could tell I was dehydrated by about mile 7, but kept truckin to the end.

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