Posted by: Jessica Stewart | June 1, 2012

NYC Soda Ban

New York City is proposing a ban on the retail sale of large size sodas. Anything over 16 ounces would have to be sold in separate cups. Some may argue that you can buy far worse things than sugar-filled soda, so why the attack on soda? True – donuts and oversized milkshakes can do damage of their own. And yes, if you double fist it, you can still get the same amount of soda in two cups over one.  However, the large size soda ban is bringing conscious awareness to the issue of obesity. The idea is to elicit a vivid picture of what you are actually consuming in hopes that you will cut down on the excessiveness. Politics aside, if it can turn this tidal wave of overindulgence, I say cheers to it! A 16 ounce sized cheer of course!


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