Posted by: Jessica Stewart | January 5, 2012

GymPact – Incentive and Reward

I was introduced to a very intriguing concept today. Imagine this – putting your own money at stake if you don’t go workout. Well, I guess that’s not so hard to imagine. Millions of us do that with gym memberships every month! But now, imagine a company paying you because others didn’t work out like they had committed to.  I know…I couldn’t wrap my brain around it at first. But let me explain – GymPact is a new company that incentivizes you to stay committed, to keep that New Year’s resolution. You pledge every week how many days you are going to work out (30 minute min) and simply ‘check in’ via their phone app when you arrive at the gym. At the end of the week, if you haven’t attained your goal pledge, you pay up ($5 for each day of your missed pledge). Talk about putting money on the line! So where does your $5 plus go? To those who attained their pledge! If you stick to what you say you are going to do, you receive the reward. Can you imagine? Incentive and Reward. Now these aren’t the complete details, but it gives you enough taste to go fill up on more. The hardest step of working out is the first step out of the door!


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