Posted by: Jessica Stewart | November 9, 2011

Soak Up the Sun

Look up above you. Really…right now, look up. What do you see? Fluorescent lighting? Sky? Natural light? We just experienced Daylight Savings Time and turned our clocks back an hour. I read a study that illuminated the insurmountable challenge this puts on our bodies’ internal clocks. And it all has to do with the sun. Now that we’ve “fallen back” in this time change, the sun is lighting the sky a little earlier, which naturally jumpstarts our bodies into action…like fuel for our soul.  However, in the evening, we say goodbye to the rays a little earlier than normal. Thus inducing the desire to slow down a little earlier.  The study shared that fall DST is easier on us than spring DST. Results interestingly showed there are fewer accidents and a decreased amount of heart attacks during fall DST. I like to think it’s because we as humans honor the notion that we need to soak up the sun while it’s shining and relax a little more at night. At any rate, I plan to soak up the natural light that was created for energy.


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