Posted by: Jessica Stewart | August 15, 2011

To Think or Not To Think?

I’ve heard runners say they can solve all the world’s problems during a run. I don’t know about ALL the world’s problems, but I do know it’s a good stress reliever and things can be worked out in your head while beating the pavement. I believe yoga has a different approach to relieving stress. In yoga, I can think of nothing else BUT yoga when I’m practicing it. It’s as though yogis get in a zone of perfecting the pose. So which is better? Running and thinking or yoga and reflection? I think they both have a rightful place in the exercise regimen. Some days, you need the contemplation. Some days, you need the retreat. I ran my first 5K this past Saturday. I’m trying to put a little variety into my workouts and this was for a good cause – the literacy program at the local library. About 100 of us ‘booked it’ (in the rain) for literacy.  The most heartwarming part of it all was the “Fitnessistas” – a group of pre-teen girls involved in the library’s youth fitness program. They are learning how to live a balanced, nutritious life and they all completed the 1 mile or 5 k race. Celebrating their success seemed to dissolve the world’s issues.


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