Posted by: Jessica Stewart | June 30, 2011

Water – It does a body good

Diet Pepsi was my best friend for years. I craved it. It was my go to liquid of choice. And for years, I thought nothing of the mass consumption of it. I grew up with sodas always in the fridge. Choosing water as a drink? Only in times of desperation. I would even choose milk over water. Then I started looking for ways to become healthier. The one thing I kept hearing was give up carbonated drinks. So I set a goal for myself and gave it up for 6 weeks. Now I won’t say it was easy getting through the cravings in the beginning, but I really enjoyed how cleansed I felt at the end of it. So much so, that I didn’t want to go back to my old ways. I didn’t want to get stuck in the pattern of cravings. I came up with a rule for myself. Anytime I got that soda craving, I had to drink a full glass of water. If I still had the craving after the water, I could have the soda. Not once after I applied my ruling did I go back for the soda. I am a true lover of water. Now if we could just get restaurants to grant us a big cup when we order water, I’d be content. I guess re-filling the smallest cup known to man 20 times increases my pedometer steps.


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