Posted by: Jessica Stewart | June 24, 2011

Yoga & Baseball – Match Made in Heaven

It’s summer in Texas, which translates to hot. So what do we Texans do to beat the heat? Do we stay indoors until October? No way! We sweat it out at baseball games. There’s no crying in baseball, but in Texas, there’s sweat.  There was a local news story last year about how our minor league baseball team was practicing yoga. As part of their training, a yoga instructor was brought in to teach them some stretching poses. The video showed all the players in a circle practicing different poses. Some players were outwardly skeptical and some fully embraced it. Nonetheless, they were out there as a team trying something new. And it worked. At the end of the season, the training staff had seen a reduction of injuries on the field because of that minor addition to their training practice – yoga.  How fun is that?! So time went on. That story was last year and I hadn’t thought about it since. Then, a few weekends ago, I was sitting at said minor league team’s game, watching them warm up and what do I see in the middle of the field? A player in downward facing dog and later, pigeon pose. I was so proud. They are still embracing it! And yes, it was blazing hot out there. But I didn’t really notice. I was eagerly scanning the field to see more yoga!


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