Posted by: Jessica Stewart | May 21, 2011


I end every class like most yoga instructors – you know the famous one-liner: namaste. The whole class says it in unison and they all leave in this zen-like state. But what does namaste really mean? Typically, it’s used as a greeting. A respectful acknowledgment of one’s presence. But what is namaste in yoga? Why does it create that zen behavior? I think it signifies the very essence of compassion within us. Everything good in my spirit, honors everything good in yours. Everything that is wholesome, true and honorable is namaste. It’s a beautiful gesture – palms together, head bowed – all to show one another respect, love and oneness. So to you I say, namaste.



  1. It reminds me of ‘shalom’ – the idea of a Creator who brings all things together, who holds the fabric of being within his palms. Namaste seems to be acting in the same manner as shalom – an inviting of peace and harmony into one’s being and, through that act, the imparting of peace to others.

    Excellent post!

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