Posted by: Jessica Stewart | May 11, 2011

Unknown Territory

I have a passion. I love sharing yoga and all that I know regarding this subject. My hope is that 40 years from now, I’ll be like the older ladies I teach in my class – still practicing my warriors with white hair and wrinkles…and just as fashionable! But there was a day last year when I wasn’t sure that would be possible. I feared my career was over and that I’d never be the same. On an early Sunday morning, I fell and broke my right wrist. It was traumatic and I suddenly entered an unknown territory. The only thing that kept replaying in my mind was all the people I had heard before giving their reason of why they didn’t practice yoga – they had broken their wrists in the past. Was I going to be forced to give up my passion? That thought brought me to tears – and still does to this day when I let my mind wander back to that time. But I finally got my answer. After six weeks of a cast, weeks of occupational therapy and a family who encouraged me the whole way, I was back at it. Practicing my warriors. Gaining back my strength. All was right again in my yogi world.

Now if you know me, you know the story doesn’t end there. I wish it had. Less than a year later, I fell. And yes, I broke my wrist. The left one this time. This time, however, I wasn’t lost in that unknown territory. I knew I would be okay. And I am. I just have a new normal. My hope is that the next time you find yourself in an unknown territory, unsure of everything around you, that you remember this: all things can be made right, even if that means adapting to a new normal.


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