Posted by: Jessica Stewart | May 6, 2011


I was taught at an early age by this society that to be successful, one had to look the part and act the part. As superficial as that sounds, this is what my developing mind observed, took hold of and stored for use at a later date. That later date being adulthood. I am now a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), which means I’ve taken a lot of certifications to look the part and act the part of a yoga instructor. What I’ve found along this journey is peace and happiness – acknowledging now that “looking the part” has so many variations. In college, my strict adherence to exercising was so that I would look the part. Now my adherence of exercising and eating well is a lifestyle because I simply feel better when I do it. Sure, I have days where I don’t feel like doing a thing and I indulge in my favorite Tex-Mex cuisine (praise God for Tex-Mex)! But I don’t scold myself anymore for those off days. Because I maintain a balance. A lifestyle.  I feel healthier now in my balanced life than when I was just eating cabbage. Yes, I tried that diet. And many others that made me miserable. All to look the part. I credit most of my balanced life now to yoga…and a little maturity.


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